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KiadóOxford University Press
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Kiadás éve2014
SorozatOxford Bookworms Library 3Rd E
At 32 years old, Elizabeth Gilbert was educated, had a home, a husband, and a successful career as a writer. However, she was unhappy in her marriage and often spent the night sleeping on her bathroom floor. After separating from her husband and
initiating a divorce, which he contested, she embarked on a rebound relationship which continued for some time but did not work out, leaving her devastated and alone.
Afterwards, while writing an article on yoga vacations in Indonesia, Gilbert met a ninth-generation medicine man who told her she would one day come back and study with him. After finalizing her difficult divorce, Gilbert spent the next year traveling
around the world. The trip was paid for in advance with a book deal from the publisher.
She spent four months in Italy, eating and enjoying life (Eat). She spent three months in India, finding her spirituality (Pray). She ended the year in Bali, Indonesia, looking for balance of the two and found love (Love) in the form of a
Brazilian businessman.