PARALLEL LINES (A Journey from Childhood to Belsen)

Lantos Péter

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Kiadás éve2007
After a winter in the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, where his father died, Peter Lantos and his mother were liberated by the Americans and handed over to the Red Army. They escaped from the Russians and traveled, hiding on a goods train, through Prague to Budapest. This is not a Holocaust story, but a childs recollection of a journey full of surprise, excitement, bereavement, and terror. After having established a career in the West, the author decided to revisit the stages on his earlier journeys, reliving the past through the perspective of the present. Along the way, old ghosts are finally laid to rest by the kindness of new friends.
A story of survival in the face of unthinkable circumstances, this recollection of the Holocaust comes from the viewpoint of a young Hungarian boy. The author was just a child when he was taken from his sleepy, provincial home- town to the Bergen-Belson concentration camp.