The Adventures of Sindbad


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Kiadás éve1998
In these marvellously written tales, Sindbad, a voyager in the realms of memory and imagination, travels through the centuries in pursuit of an ideal of love that is directed as much at the feminine essence as at his individual lovers. He is by nature a
melancholy sensualist, but whether the women he seduces and loves are projections of his desire, or he of theirs, is a moot question. These short stories flow without a strict narrative framework Sindbad journeys between the past and the present and is
merely a ghost in many of his adventures. Although Sindbad can move through time, it is time that proves his chief enemy, and youth that remains his real love. This deeply autumnal book, full of resonances and associations, is an erotic elegy to the
dying Habsburg Empire. The stories are taken from the omnibus triple-volume Hungarian edition published as The Three Books of Sindbad in Hungary in 1944, which includes The Travels of Sindbad (1912), The Resurrection of Sindbad (1916), and The Youth and
Grief of Sindbad (1917).