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  • Ranking: The Unwritten Rules of The Social Game We All Play

    Ranking: The Unwritten Rules of The Social Game We All Play

    Érdi Péter
    Kiadó: Oxford University Press
    Human beings are competitive. We want to know who is the strongest, who is the richest, and who is the cleverest of all. Some situations, like ranking people based on height, can be ranked in objective ways. However, many Top Ten lists are based onsubjective categorization and give only the illusion of objectivity. In fact, we don't always want to be seen objectively since we don't mind having a better image or rank than deserved. Ranking: The Unwritten Rules of the Social Game We All Play appliesscientific theories to everyday experience by raising and answering questions like: Are college ranking lists objective? How do we rank and rate countries based on their fragility, level of corruption, or even happiness? How do we find the most relevantweb pages? How are employees ranked? This book is for people who have a neighbor with a fancier car. Employees, who are being ranked by their supervisors. Managers, who are involved in ranking but may have qualms about the process. Businesspeopleinterested in creating better visibility for their companies
    ISBN: 9780190935467
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