Angela Merkel: The Chancellor and Her World

Kornelius Stefan

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The Authorized Biography
With the Eurozone engulfed in an unprecedented crisis, one political figure looms largest of all, Angela Merkel, the leader of its most powerful economy. While foreign affairs have become the central issues of her chancellorship in this crucial election
year, the entire world is anxiously looking to Germany to play its part in Europe's rescue.
This authorized biography sheds light on the person behind the politician - from her youthful days of hitchhiking in Tbilisi to being the guest of honour at a White House state dinner - and examines how a girl from East Germany rose to the highest
echelons of European power. As well as explaining how Angela Merkel's world view was shaped and influenced by her background and ideology, Stefan Kornelius's lively account discusses her personal relations with international counterparts such as David
Cameron, Barack Obama or Vladimir Putin, as well as her attitude towards the countries and cultures over which they rule.