Eleven Days In August

Cobb Matthew

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KiadóSimon and Schuster
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Kiadás éve2014
'The final days of the German occupation of the French capital are vividly captured in this fine account of death and deliverance' Sir Max Hastings The liberation of Paris was a momentous point in twentieth-century history, yet it is now largely
forgotten outside France. Eleven Days in August is a pulsating hour-by-hour reconstruction of these tumultuous events that shaped the final phase of the war and the future of France, told with the pace of a thriller. While examining the conflicting
national and international interests that played out in the bloody street fighting, it tells of how, in eleven dramatic days, people lived, fought and died in the most beautiful city in the world. Above all, it shows that while the liberation of Paris
may be attributed to the audacity of the Resistance, the weakness of the Germans and the strength of the Allies, the key to it all was the Parisians who by turn built street barricades and sunbathed on the banks of the Seine, who fought the Germans and
simply tried to survive until the Germans finally surrendered, in a billiard room at the Prefecture of Police. One of the most iconic moments in the history of the twentieth century had come to a close, and the face of Paris would never be the same